White Yodel

White Yodel is a fashion company that offers affordable, eco-friendly socks to young adults. Our products are crafted with environmentally sustainable practices and are available in retail stores. We aim to convey a sense of wonder and kindness through our brand.


White Yodel needed a distinctive and meaningful logo that could be embroidered on uniforms and represent the brand’s commitment to affordability, sustainability, and youthful appeal. The challenge was to design a wordmark that uses the color white and effectively captures the company’s values and ethos.


We began by understanding White Yodel’s brand identity, target audience, and values. Our design team focused on creating a clean and elegant wordmark that would be suitable for embroidery. We experimented with various fonts and styles to ensure the logo conveyed a sense of wonder and kindness, while maintaining simplicity and readability. We also ensured the design was versatile enough for different applications, especially for embroidery on uniforms.


The final logo for White Yodel is a sleek and minimalist wordmark that uses the color white to symbolize purity and simplicity. The chosen font is modern and slightly whimsical, capturing a sense of wonder that resonates with young adults. The clean design ensures that the logo remains legible and stylish when embroidered on uniforms, effectively reflecting White Yodel’s commitment to eco-friendly fashion and affordability. This logo successfully communicates the brand’s values and appeals to its target audience, helping White Yodel stand out in the competitive fashion market.

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